nhdt photography

“I was having a creative block winter 2017, I was thinking of a few photo projects although I could never decide on one. 
One day I woke up after having a dream about Lvstfvl - I went into the living room & told my roommate (Yann) they told me to set up my lights, camera and throw on some music! We started shooting and they changed outfits a few times and BAM Lustful was born!! I posted on a Facebook group ‘Bunz Trading Zone’ stating I was doing photos every Thursday and messages started flowing! I met so many interesting people along with hearing their beautiful life stories. Making people feel comfortable and confident is so important to me, these are feelings I’ve worked on over the last couple years and I want everyone to feel like this! 
I hear people say “I’m awkward” “I’m not pretty” “I’m not photogenic” “I’m not interesting” as a photographer I know EVERYONE is beautiful - it’s all confidence. I show the photos to the subjects as I shoot so they can see how beautiful they are and you can see the confidence come out as you shoot more photos! “ 

- Natalie, the creator of Lvstfvl

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