I was recently asked to do grad photos for a former co worker! It's not something I usually do, it was nice to do something a bit different! Congrats on graduating <3
Here are a few shots from our shoot  

I haven't been putting 100% into my life lately, *insert some lame excuse here* so I posted an Instagram story asking if a Personal Trainer wanted to trade workout sessions for portrait sessions. Meg claimed the trade moments later and we've been working together for a little less than two weeks now! She is a gal who is full of energy & has a great sense of humour so it makes it easy for me to get to the gym knowing she's going to kick my ass and share a laugh. I already feel a difference in my life since working out with her, I actually have energy to do the things I love, I've been eating healthier as well so that's cool too. Anyway, here are the first round of shots we got today : 

I checked out @atlanticfashionweek at Halifax shopping centre - @shotgunvintage is the reason I wanted to go, I see her work on my instagram feed daily. She's constantly creating vintage street wear by taking clothes you'd never look at, to making you do a double take. Check her out if you're into one of a kind, cozy & fashion forward clothing! #nothingwasted

I bought a new lens (sony 70-200) last summer, I tested out by snapping photos of Sophie in a random sunflower field in PEI. Sunflowers are that last little bit of summer you want to enjoy. If you live around a sunflower field, do yourself a favour and sit in one. 

I love when my pals come over and want to get portraits done. Making your pals feel beautiful is a such a good feeling. 

Calm Baretta were in Halifax to record their summer hit 'Silver Screens" - Laura asked me if they could come over for a portrait session for social media content & poster work! We shot for about an hour and it was all jokes. They are such a good crowd, if you haven't already - Check them out on Spotify!

Here are a few shots from the last few years I enjoy x :

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